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  1. Idler pulley torque spec
  2. Oil fill experiment
  3. Fix: Midrange speakers buzzing at low frequencies
  4. Power steering cooler
  5. Need Help
  6. Fuses blowing
  7. Excellent site for general DIY information
  8. USB and Aux Port
  9. Wet carpet
  10. Replacing heater control valve on 545i DIY writeup.
  11. 535i subframe lowering
  12. E60 LCI Active Headrest Removal
  13. e60/61 electric water pump bleed using INPA
  14. Dension 500S BT coding question
  15. E60 (M54) Tensioner and Idler Pulley replacement
  16. Transmission fluid
  17. Tension Strut Replacement question
  18. Mod for your sport steering wheel paddle shifter
  19. 2010 535xi with lane change and heated steering wheel (non sport)
  20. DIY: 550i Timing Cover Replacement
  21. Sirius Satellite Radio Delete
  22. How to replace glow plugs on 3.0d
  23. How to remove and blank swirl flaps - 3.0d
  24. How to remove intate manifold on 3.0d
  25. SOS button = Speed Of Sound
  26. N54 RB External PCV system review and DIY
  27. Rear Seat Heating Diagram (2005 545i)
  28. E60 kidney grills,no bolts removed took 10 mins
  29. Debadging 530i trunk
  30. 545i Rear OEM Seat Heating Retrofit
  31. Air vent slat problem
  32. Problem with front PDC sensors.
  33. Removing DISA and error code 2B71 on N62 Engines
  34. DIY: BMW E39 Ignition Switch Refurbishment (VIDEO)
  35. Engine Oil Pan "protector cap"
  36. DIY: Escort SmartCord SOS Switch Integration
  37. e60 climate control from e70 retrofit-- Help Needed!
  38. DIY 6HP26 Pump Inlet Flush
  39. DIY: E60 Dashcam/Radar Hardwire guide
  40. Oil Pump and pickup tube
  41. Front Hub/Bearing Replacement (DIY?)
  42. **Mike's Easy BMW Tools Package**
  43. Battery Replacement Experience
  44. On Car DPF Clean
  45. SMG to Manual Swap available in Vancouver (Canada)
  46. Climate Control Issue
  47. DIY E60/E61 Rear Upper Windshield Moulding Seal Install
  48. Installing new fender help
  49. B12 Kit Installed - Short Review
  50. E60 Bumper DIY Video - Thanks Norm
  51. MTech front bumper installation help
  52. DIY Rear end suspension creak fix
  53. Following in the Footsteps of ucsbwsr - DIY Installation VRSF 7" FMIC on an E60 535i
  54. BMW E60 Radiator Replacement (How To) Save $800!
  55. BMW e60 Brake Rotor Replacement 5 Series DIY
  56. E61 Sirius Install instructions w/ Coding & Parts list
  57. Lots of DIY!
  58. V8 N62 Valve Cover Removal Help
  59. OEM Hi-Fi Amplifier retrofit after CIC retrofit
  60. How to: Replacing Rear Cigarette Lighter Light
  61. dme fault
  62. stored error faults
  63. 545i Front bumper removal tips
  64. Headlight removal and angel eye replacement advice
  65. DDM HID LCI Headlight Install
  66. N52: Motor and Transmission mounts
  67. matt sencor
  68. 07 530i CCC Programming???
  69. 528i 2010 BMW HEadlights issue
  70. DIS window reinitialization
  71. 2005 e60 M54 pulley question
  72. Genuine BMW OEM LED licence plate lights
  73. E60 528xi Spark Plug replacement DIY
  74. Arnott® Intros New Front Air Struts for ‘00 to ‘06 E53 Chassis X5
  75. Some recent E60 LCI coding items, part 1 of 2
  76. Feeding cable/wire through to trunk under back seat rest
  77. e60 Brake Squeal
  78. Removing the trunk lid liner
  79. Head rest restraint repair on 2014 528I
  80. DIY - Headlight Haze / Fog FIX
  81. Custom M5 Rear Bumper Grill
  82. Car iPod/aux wiring question? Wiring to 'ignition'?
  83. 2004 545i, coolant flush woes......
  84. E60 coding. Module-wise list?
  85. NCS Expert error codes
  86. BMW 545i Painted Engine Cover- Under 25$
  87. ZF 6 speed Flush
  88. ZF Transmission Flush DIY: Word of caution on gasket
  89. Factory sub install.
  90. E60 PRE-LCI high AC to LCI high Ac (IHKA) retrofit
  91. Looking for a 2006 550 Valve Cover Gasket DYI Guide
  92. DPF cleaning story from Brisbane
  93. FRONT END KNOCKING e60 530i
  94. DIY LCI M5 Mirrors on 3-plug pre-LCI E60
  95. Replace right side fuel filter and sender or both left pump and sender?
  96. Sos
  97. NCS Expert on windows 8 64-bit?
  98. Replacement key question
  99. Arnott® Introduces New Air Spring for E61 Chassis 2004-2010 BMW 5 Series Wagon
  100. New Mods For Our Cars!
  101. Dension Gateway 500 Mounting location
  102. 2006 E60 Coolant Hose Connector Dripping
  103. E61 Retro fit - couple of issues
  104. AHL LCI Xenon lights retrofit on 2004 E61 - all works as post 08/2005
  105. 05 525i engine over heating/ radiator fan
  106. Post 09/2005 Steering wheel on Pre?
  107. Dcs light problem
  108. Mass Air Flow Sensor Problems
  109. 10% Off Arnott Air Suspension! DIY and Save with Discount Code Here!!
  110. 2007 E60 530i Steptronic Shift Problems, will not go to DS mode
  111. SS brake lines
  112. Crank bolt just feel out....
  113. 2008 535xi oil filter housing
  114. How To: Fit a 7" VRSF Intercooler to your E6X N54 chassis
  115. Help with coding
  116. key fob in glove box
  117. KyleB's 6HP19 service thread
  118. Instruction for coding Dension GW500s BT with Autologic
  119. Beads the heck out of me!
  120. 2004 545i xenon headlights.... d1s or d2s bulbs?
  121. Bmw e92 335d changed language no voice ncs expert (cappl)
  122. How To Properly Measure Vehicle Ride Height
  123. e60 530XI transmission drain and fill
  124. Should I replace the HPFP?
  125. 2007 E60 BMW 5 Series fuel filter DYI
  126. Need some info
  127. Reset service warning yourself on F10 F11
  128. AHL unit removal for pre 03/2005 with adaptive headlights for LM1 to LM2 changes
  129. Steering Wheel Options for 2004 Pre-LCI BMW 530
  130. E60 550i Aux cooling fan motor replacement
  131. Seat swap? Advice needed on electrics please
  132. Some Questions Regarding GT1 & OPS
  133. N54 535 Oil Cover Housing Gasket - DIY
  134. Faulty PDC sensor in rear bumper M5 E60?
  135. DIY - Chrome or Black Grill
  136. E60/E61 HOWTO: Remove front outer PDC sensor without removing bumper/grilles
  137. Pinout for the 2nd Gen iDrive
  138. 2008 535i Oil Filter Housing Gasket(s) Replacement Help
  139. E60 Rear Axle: Swing Part reparation.
  140. cheap angel eyes.. what do u think?
  141. Inpsection Sticker Service date and Emission Sevice date reset
  142. Pre lci to lci conversion help
  143. Replacing Screen on non-nav i-Drive.
  144. Dr Frankenstein's CIC Retrofit
  145. e60 n52 buring lean
  146. Need ccc lvds cable part number urgently
  147. Need Help.
  148. Where do I obtain gearbox updates and how do I apply them?
  149. Coding Newbie - How do I enable MP3 playback??
  150. ZF 6HP26 ATF fluid Pentosin vs MERCO SP???
  151. rear entertainment screens 12v source?
  152. 2004 E60 530i Rear Seats Removal Help Needed
  153. Subwoofer replacement and seat removal
  154. Oil Filter Housing Gasket - Cant get to Torx screw in tight quarters
  155. iDrive skips when ZBE set to low
  156. SPEC.DOCK Iphone dock install review VIDEO
  157. E60 - DIY How to make a Combox plug & play retrofit harness
  158. Clutch Alignment Tool?
  159. Headlight question
  160. My 1st DIY - Left rear brake lamp.
  161. O2 sensors pre-CAT 650mm??
  162. 2010 E60 Center Console
  163. Speaker issue
  164. Headlight Oxidation on the inside?
  165. Passenger Restraint System Failure/ Coding
  166. DIY Electric sunblind retrofit Pre-LCI
  167. Welcome Lights Pre LCI??????
  168. How to read tightening torque?
  169. Sorry, wrong tread posting
  170. A/C issue
  171. Reflector headlights to Xenon lci need help
  172. Center Console Removal - Complete Step-by-Step
  173. READ HERE! protect your wheel lip
  174. 2011 535i how do I reset the brake light Indicator?
  175. help removing Under dash trip - drivers side?
  176. Oil leaking from manifold
  177. Coolant expansion tank DIY?
  178. 2004 545i Transmission
  179. Help with halogen to LED fog light install upgrade
  180. DIYmod : Android Recharging Docking Station
  181. Providing power to a TV Tuner
  182. The key to Vinyl Wrapping: Knifeless Tape
  183. Need to remove the fog light assembly pre-LCI E60
  184. Paint Chip Repair
  185. Mtech install help
  186. E60 pre-lci headlight removal problems
  187. E60 MASK programming/upgrade
  188. Retrofitting Rear Power Sunshade
  189. Rear View Mirror repair
  190. E60 Muffler Flap Open Mod
  191. e61 rear OEM leveling suspension: Coding out/tricking/etc
  192. HELP with Replacing Clock Spring
  193. 2004 E60 halogen to oem bi-xenon swap
  194. Replacing the windshield cover
  195. DVD Laser head replacement
  196. Very basic question
  197. Retrofit Telestart on E60 - remote for independent heating
  198. E60 Rear view camera retrofitted
  199. E60 Washer Pump & Reservoir Replacement
  200. LED License plate light replacement issue.
  201. My 2009 528i right and left low beam headlights will not turn on
  202. Do you have a CLUNKING noise?
  203. DIY: E60 DMTL pump replacement
  204. E60 Sunroof Seal Replacement DIY
  205. problem after retoro fitting help needed urgently
  206. Retrofit LCI Bumper to 2006 530iXT ??
  207. 08 BMW 550i E60 Sealing Sleeve Replacement
  208. Brake Wear Indicator
  209. Valentine One Hardwire and Blendmount install
  210. Disable e60 Seatbelt Gong.
  211. CIC Retrofit and LCI/Pre-LCI compatabilities
  212. CCC from M5 into standard E60 - NO SOUND - HELP!
  213. How Do you Reactivate 2006 550i Window Anti-Trap Mechanism
  214. PDC problem: PDC failure
  215. installing and coding Dension Gateway 500 BT?
  216. Bypass or Coding to fix the Passenger Restraint Malfunction issue?
  217. Is it possible to blackout lights with plasti-dip?
  218. help with door handle removal?
  219. Replacing innner/outer tie rods
  220. DIY dent removal
  221. Suitable PSU for programming ?
  222. Ebox Fan DIY
  223. INPA / WinKFP - unknown or corrupted VIN?
  224. BMW stainless steel pedals for the E60 and E60N, manual gearbox
  225. WinKFP Error - Help please
  226. Replacing Front Tension/Wishbone Arms
  227. "Scratched" CIC display / screen
  228. NCS Expert
  229. halogen pre lci to xenon dynamic headlights help
  230. Programming the car yourself (E60)
  231. JUST sharing :)
  232. DIY: e60 N54 coil pack and spark plug replacement
  233. LCI instrument cluster (Kombi) in Pre LCI car
  234. Need help with wiring from basic half electric seats to full electric memory seats
  235. Question about fitment with pre
  236. Add bluetooth and A2DP wireless streaming for less than $40
  237. Mobil 1 0W-40, BMW LL-01 now at Wal-Mart
  238. can be replace?
  239. Hood Strut Replacement (Hood falls on E60)
  240. Installing Front Struts on an E60
  241. What is needed to wire heated seats already have correct seats
  242. how to reset air mass values inpa
  243. Need help with LCI pro nav fitted in pre Lci E60
  244. DIY Stealthbox
  245. Coil Replacement
  246. 2004 E60 M54 Cooling System & Belts Predictive Maintenance
  247. DIY - Changing the S85 VANOS solenoids
  248. Need detailed DIY Spark Plug Removal N62 550i
  249. need a link for diy spring install
  250. Changing from Pre Lci Lights to Lci Lights