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Originally Posted by Iceman' post='818525' date='Mar 16 2009, 01:24 PM
Those rules were set up and have to be followed. NO discussions. Period.
Good to see that you guys are as strict as you are Iceman, personally I wouldn't buy from someone who doesn't offer pricing up front. Seems like a cheap telemarketing tactic to me. Give me a price and I can budget for it, otherwise I'll take my $$ somewhere else.
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I agree completely with the price posting rule, even if it just says below MAP and shows that price. I get tired of having to PM a seller and waiting on a response only to find out that the item is way our of budget.
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I've seen a rash of double threads by sellers hawking the same product -- not our respected vendors but from one shot private sellers.
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I had my brother look over the "rule of reason" doctrine that is applied into this anti-trust law breakaway from the sherman act, and his assessment is that it is simply a method of price flooring and giving manufacturers strategic and monetary power and authority over their resellers in the advertisement field.

As far as what the products are actually sold for, that is left blank within each company but now as the end consumer we have to endlessly go around looking for "better service" from each individual company that is selling said products.

What a bizarre approach and clearly is not in the best interest of the consumer. People make conscious choices about where to shop based on service , price and products
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I don't suppose you guys would consider implementing a [vendor-price]special tag[/vendor-price] or something of the sorts that'd display the below-MAP price to registered users only? (Look at Amazon and similar places for example.. They all have a button that lets you view the below-msrp price of certain items.)

I agree with all the points mentioned above though. Omitting prices is cheap, lame, and dishonest. And wastes people's time.
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