Mission: Impossible – Fallout’s Ethan Hunt Rocks the 2019 BMW M5

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Mission: Impossible¬†films have always featured flashy, exotic sports cars, and now Ethan Hunt’s ride packs 617 horsepower.

If you’re a gear-head like us, you’ll find some exciting new metal for Ethan Hunt to drive in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which is in theaters now. While a new two-wheeled BMW is cool in itself, it’s the four-wheeled, 617 horsepower BMW M5 that we like the most. Hunt, again played by Tom Cruise, is on a mission to track down stolen plutonium. Obviously the M5 makes for a solid ride for someone planning to stop a terrorist group.

Cloaked in black paint, Hunt’s M5 has the usual tricks up its sleeve in order to evade the bad guys, sadly, most of which remain a fantasy that we can’t have on the road cars. After all, who wouldn’t want a remote-controlled life-size car? One thing that’s not remote control is the stunt car. It’s well-known that Cruise does his own stunts. What’s a little less known is that Simon Pegg, who co-starts along with Cruise, is also part of the stunt action, too.

Mission: Impossible M5

BMW and Mission: Impossible have had a cozy relationship over the years, too, with some of BMW’s most awesome rides sharing the spotlight. One of the more futuristic appearances came in Ghost Protocol in 2012. That movie had BMW’s i8 concept car as the ride that would be ready to transport Hunt to his next destination to save the world. A few years later in the Rogue Nation movie, BMW decided to use a production car, to a dramatic effect. That movie had a chase scene in Morocco where Hunt simply couldn’t kill his M3. Those who pay close attention to the newest movie will notice that a classic BMW E28 5-series also has a role.

Mission Impossible M5

Clearly, BMW has enjoyed the partnership with the M:I franchise, bolstered by the fact that Cruise prefers to do his own stunts. If you ask us, we’ll take fewer computer graphics, and more of that, please.

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