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Four-door Face-off: BMW M5 Battles Alpina B5

5series.net 2019 BMW M5 vs. Alpina B5

M5 and B5 use similar performance hardware, but take completely different approaches to delivering luxury at lightning speed.

  Comments | By - March 4, 2019

Tale of Two M5s: YouTuber Shows Why the F90 Destroys the F10

2018 BMW F90 M5

Long-coveted for being the last manual BMW 5 Series, the F10 has many fans. However, the F90’s dual-clutch is incredible.

  Comments | By - November 12, 2018

2018 BMW M5: Automotive Bliss With a Side of Mystery

5Series spent a week in the current gen BMW M5 and learned that one its most delightful secret isn’t even in the motor.

  Comments | By - October 8, 2018

2002 BMW M5 With 437 Miles Auctioned for $176,000

2002 BMW M5

Auction house Gooding & Company’s M5 has low miles, but its just a stock BMW. So what gives on the extraordinary price? 

  Comments | By - September 13, 2018

2018 BMW M5 Moose Test Shows the Importance of Good Tires

BMW M5 Moose Test Front

BMW M5 scoots through the course at 74 kilometers per hour, but it performs much worse at higher speeds.

  Comments | By - August 6, 2018

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