2018 BMW M5 Moose Test Shows the Importance of Good Tires

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BMW M5 scoots through the course at 74 kilometers per hour, but performs much worse at higher speeds.

Spanish outlet KM77.com recently put the 2018 BMW M5 through the paces of the Moose Test and the results were impressive, with the German super-sedan getting through the slalom at 74 kilometers per hour. Making this run even more impressive is the fact that the M5 featured on their YouTube channel was on tires that were so worn that we could see cords poking through the tread. As a result, the car’s performance in the test went downhill quickly as speeds increased.

Moose Test

If you are unfamiliar with the Moose Test, it is basically a test to see how smoothly and safely a vehicle could swerve around a moose. This test is common in countries where moose strikes are common, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and Canada. While it might sound funny to people who aren’t familiar with moose, their long legs and heavy body makes impacts with cars particularly dangerous, as if you hit them at speed, the body is coming through your windshield or roof.

2018 BMW Moose Test Map

The Moose Test is broken up into three zones, with the vehicle entering the first zone, swerving hard into the second zone as if to avoid a moose and then they swerve back into the third zone. The entire course is 63 meters long, with 13.5 meters two swerve from zone one to zone two and 12.5 meters to swerve from zone two to zone three.

2018 BMW M5 Moose Test Front

The idea is for the car to maintain highway speeds while swerving safely and cleanly from zone to zone without hitting any cones. This particular test was held to show how worn tires can impact a car’s performance in this critical maneuver.

2018 BMW M5 Moose Test Rear

2018 BMW M5 vs. the Moose Test

At 77 kilometers per hour, the BMW hit a cone on the first hard cut and was unable to make the turn back in. When the speed dropped one tick, the car made the first cut but not the second and on another run at 78 kilometers per hour, the sport sedan on worn tires made the first cut, but the driver blew through the cones on the second cut. At 75 kilometers per hour, the car nearly makes it through the tight course, but it kicks a cone over on the first hard cut.

2018 BMW Bad Tires

Fortunately, at 74 kilometers per hour, the M5 tapped a cone when the driver cut back into the original lane, but the cone stayed up, so the run counted as good.

2018 BMW Moose Test Crash

In other words, if you live in an area where a moose is likely to wander out in front of your 2018 BMW M5 with worn tires at speeds of 45 miles per hour or less, you will have no problem swerving around the massive animal and back into your lane. However, at higher speeds, it might get a little hairy when you have to avoid a half-ton animal on the road when you have badly-worn tires, showing the importance of good rubber on your 600-horsepower German luxury sedan.

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