BMW Updates Car Subscription Service, More Options & Lower Prices

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‘Access by BMW’ program for horsepower junkies now has a new entry-level tier starting at $1,009 per month.

If you are one of the folks who love the idea of moving to a more modern and flexible version of leasing a car, BMW wants to talk to you. Earlier this year, the German carmaker launched it’s own version of the monthly subscription service to compete with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Cadillac. Now, just a few short months after the program launched, BMW is slashing prices and adding a new entry-level tier according to the Car Connection.

If you are one of those folks who doesn’t know what the hell we are talking about, let us lay down the idea real quick. You sign up for a monthly fee, and BMW gives you access to any car you want from a certain list. Think of like a weird combination between a rental and a lease. It gives you choices, so you don’t have to make compromises. Need a fun toy for the weekend, just take the 4 Series convertible. Need to go camping with the family, swap that 4 Series for an X5. The only real catch is that you need to live in Nashville, Tennessee or Philadelphia to take part, for now. 2018 BMW M5 and 2019 i8 Coupe and Roadster

Let’s start with the pricing, and then we’ll talk about exactly what you get. The new entry-tier, dubbed Icon, starts at $1,099 a month, making it just $4 more expensive than the lowest offering from Mercedes-Benz. The middle tier, Legend, has seen its cost cut dramatically to $1,399, a reduction of just over $700.

The biggest price reduction comes from the M tier. After slashing that price by more than $1,000 you can sign up for this level of subscription for $2,699.

Despite cutting the prices, BMW is still offering a lot of cars to people who sign up. The new “Icon” subscription level can snag you the keys to your choice of 330i, X3, i3, and M240i convertible, among others. The “Legend” tier bumps your selection up to include the 4 Series, X5 and even the M2. You should definitely get the M2. If you just really need to have something bigger, the M level snags you access to the M5, M6 and X5M.

But seriously, if you are going to sign up for this, just get the M2. Thank us later.

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