BMW For the Savages: Pro-am Drifter Makes Beastly Widebody E46

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Micah Diaz’s comprehensively built wide body BMW E46 gets broken down in depth for a video by Hoonigan.

Micah Diaz caught a lot of attention with his V8 powered E36 and exuberant drifting style. His new build takes things to the next level though, and he took it to Hoonigan to check out the build for their YouTube channel series called Build Breakdown.

Diaz’s engine was ported over from the E36 when it was a 6.0-liter engine but when it blew up at an event, Custom Built Motors rebuilt it better, faster, stronger. It’s now a lunatic level 6.8-liter stroker making a mighty 500 naturally aspirated horsepower to the wheels. Those Heritage wheels are tucked in under a Street Fighter LA Wide body kit.

BMW E46 Wide body and V8 swapped for drifting.

For suspension, Diaz uses Feal Suspension 441 coiloversProper Fabworks upper and lower rear control arms. He’s also got an SLR ultra angle kit for getting his opposite lock on, and you’ll be happy to know he’s replaced the rear subframe bushings. Diaz says the aim is to have E46 car as close to being bulletproof as possible and it’s surprisingly stock around the subframe mounts, so we’re just going to assume he also strengthened where the subframe meets the chassis.

BMW E46 Wide body and V8 swapped for drifting

When he opens the engine up, it’s exactly the kind of overwhelming noise you want to hear from a V8 swap. We love a BMW inline-six but if it’s going to swapped, we don’t want to see and hear half-measures. Towards the end of the video we see that Diaz is absolutely not a half-measure guy, and even though he’s at an event the next day he’s not afraid of showing some real skills as he drifts his BMW along the raised loading ramp and actually wall-taps on his way through. After a display like that, we can’t wait to see Diaz and his E46 out competing.

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