Market Watch: E34 M5 Touring Sells For Big Bucks

BMW M5 Touring Sale

Automotive perfection doesn’t get much better than this long-roof.

  Comments | By - September 14, 2017

Jeremy Clarkson Really Really Really Likes the 530D XDRIVE Touring

The 5 Series wagon we can't have in the U.S. is a new favorite of Jeremy Clarkson's.

BMW has made a brilliant car with the 530D Touring, and Jeremy Clarkson can’t get enough of it.

  Comments | By - September 13, 2017

BMW 3 Series Wagon Is Turbocharged Insanity

This turbo wagon is a beast.

Putting huge amounts of boost through a big turbo is always a good idea, especially when this is the result.

  Comments | By - August 7, 2017

Winter Tires During Summer? Bad Idea

Not only will you wear out your winter tires, but there’s a price to pay in terms of safety.

  Comments | By - June 12, 2017

Tuned 335i Makes for a Darned Good Drift Car

Tuned N54s make us feel all fuzzy. 430 hp makes acceleration and drift action a breeze.

  Comments | By - June 9, 2017

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