BMW 6 Series GT: The Ultimate Transporting Machine

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BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo has plenty of space inside for people and gear, but its size detracts from its driving dynamics.

In between the sedan and the crossover, there’s the Gran Turismo. No, not GT as in the Ferrari meaning of GT. Gran Turismo, the name of a model variant that BMW likes to use for its tweener model that fills in the space between a regular four-door and a CUV. BMW offers the unusual body style on its 3 Series. The 5 Series was once available as a GT, but has been replaced by the 6 Series GT. What Car?‘s Rebecca Jackson recently got a chance to test out the newest BMW Gran Turismo. Like the 6 GT’s design, its performance was a mixed bag.

Based on the 7 Series platform, the new 6 Series GT is longer than the old 5 GT and is blessed with a lower roofline, which makes it appear sleeker than its predecessor. Jackson finds it to be less attractive than an Audi A7, but much better-looking than other roomy people-movers on the market. BMW 6 Series GT

Although it possesses quality materials (which include the metallic-look plastic trim), the 6 Series GT lacks certain standard and available features. Apple CarPlay is an added-cost extra. Android Auto? Not even an option. Those issues aside, the GT excels at carrying people and items. There are plenty of cupholders and storage areas for phones and other accessories. The back seat offers enough legroom, lateral space, and headroom for three adults. The rear cargo hold is spacious, but it’s also shallow, making the 5 Series wagon the better choice for carrying large loads.

BMW 6 Series

On the road, the 6 Series GT is a comfortable way to knock off hundreds of miles, thanks to its standard air suspension. The smooth, quiet, and torque-rich diesel engine option (not available in the U.S.) makes every trip a little quicker. The trade-off is that the 6 Series GT’s comfort comes at the expense of driving dynamics. Jackson finds the 6 Series GT to be heavy in corners and thinks that it lacks grip and steering feel.

Based on Jackson’s review, it sounds as if the BMW  6 Series GT is not the most engaging car to drive. However, it does come across as a great car to be driven in.

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