BMW M850i V8: Watching It Built From Scratch is Poetry in Motion

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In a world of mass production, the BMW M850i still carries a heart built by the hands of master technicians.

The world of automotive manufacturing has come a long way since folks bolted together primitive rides in what were essentially backyard barns. Today, precision automobiles like the BMW M850i require a more scientific approach. One that borders on obsessive with a combination of computers and good old fashioned hand-built construction. But hidden under an engine cover and out of sight lies one of the modern world’s greatest creations. BMW’s biturbo 4.4-liter V8. And unlike your average mass-produced mill, this one’s construction is more akin to art than basic manufacturing.

This short but impressive clip gives us a rare peak into that process. And as you might expect for the peak of BMW performance, this particular engine is built by the hands of master craftsman. Just like the good old days. Except in the good old days, they didn’t work in facilities cleaner than the average hospital operating room.

BMW M850i

They also use high-tech equipment that constantly gathers data to ensure perfection, each and every time. That includes computers that measure tolerances, bolt torque, and valve clearances to ensure they’re absolutely perfect. Things like cylinder heads and bearing shells even receive individual tracking codes. Much like your recent Amazon binge, this ensures that they get where they need to go.

BMW M850i

With an output of 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, the BMW M850i isn’t the most powerful car. But we digress, owners can rest assured that their particular engine was assembled with the kind of obsessive care few cars will ever see. And though it’s still technically early in the production cycle, that sort of extreme attention to detail should lend itself well to reliability, too.

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