Winter Tires During Summer? Bad Idea

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Not only will you wear out your winter tires, but there’s a┬ásafety risk, too.

We get it. Life can get in the way of some chores. However, one chore that you should keep on top of is making sure you change out your winter tires back to your warm weather rubber. Some of you may be fortunate enough to not have to use two sets of tires per year, but for those who have to deal with the white, fluffy stuff, there’s a reason why the change is important.

As tested by Engineering Explained, a set of winter tires is squared up against a set of all-season tires for a simple test: how long does it take to stop? Three stops from 60 mph is the test, to find the average. Brake-fade is accounted for, with plenty of time for cooling off between stops.

The result is that the winter tires require several more feet to stop. In terms of a fender bender versus avoiding a crash, those feet make all the difference. Now, one might think that the compound of rubber would make it stop shorter, but the tread block pattern and deep grooves of the winter tire make it suited more for working through a fresh snowfall than over warm asphalt.

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