Tuned 335i Makes for a Darned Good Drift Car

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Tuned N54s make us feel all fuzzy. 430 hp makes acceleration and drift action a breeze.

One of BMW’s best engines is undoubtedly the N54 inline 6-cylinder. It’s used in just about everything with a blue and white badge, but it also has a party trick: it takes to a tune remarkably well.

This 335i has a claimed 430 horsepower and can pull some impressive drifts, as seen in the video above. It is also said to be faster than the new M4, and we can easily believe it.

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Not many other details about the car are given, but we can assume it has a tune, a new (and delightful sounding) blow off valve, and likely some suspension work. Sticky tires are also included, and you can see them laying down some healthy black lines.

Now, we don’t suggest doing drift antics like these on a public road, but we’d like to hear your N54 success stories. One of our favorite engines deserves a thread of its own for tuned versions, racing versions, and just all around awesome builds. Got a favorite video? Share it in our forums!

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