2018 BMW M5 Spied Testing on Nürburgring

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Recent M5 spy shots confirm what we pretty much already knew.

I’m going to start off by getting a little personal, and maybe a little petty. Not, “Win seven Winston Cups,” Petty, but just lowercase, slightly immature, regular, old petty.


A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be sent some CAD images of the new BMW M5. I posted them online, and the story was picked up by various internet publications. I even made it to the front page of Jalopnik.

Because everybody wants to be cool on the internet, there were dozens who doubted my legitimacy, my source, and even my journalistic integrity (those guys were right: I have next to none. I write about cars for a living, what do you expect?)

However, these recent spy shots of the 2018 BMW M5, recently filmed testing on the Nürburgring, match closely with the images I shared … as they should. I mean, they were shared by a source within BMW, after all.

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Even under heavy camouflage, the air ducts in the front bumper are noticeable. BMW’s styling department has toed a fine line between “large and aggressive” and “subtle and understated.” The styling bears a strong family resemblance to the M2, M3 and M4, while moving the brand’s appearance forward ever so slightly in a new direction.

It’s evolutionary, not revolutionary. Still, I think the large, bulging grilles and prominent diffuser scale better on a larger body. Simply put, the M5 will likely be the best-looking M-car when it bows later this year.

Combining the CAD images I leaked months ago with these spy shots should give us a more complete picture of what the production car will look like. Special thanks to Motor Authority for sharing these. For more photos, and a more, um, mature writeup, be sure to read their take on it.

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