BMW 3 Series Wagon Is Turbocharged Insanity

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Posted by JB4 Tuning Benelux on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Putting huge amounts of boost through a big turbo is always a good idea, especially when this is the result.

There’s a lot that can be said about this car, but most of them contain expletives. Whether you’re standing next to the car as its revving its big turbo off, or if you’re in it and experiencing its raw power, you’re likely to say a few four-letter words.

This build comes from Europe, specifically an N54 engine built by a tuning specialist in Netherlands called JB4 Tuning. In this specific application, their work is showcased through a Precision Turbo, but otherwise a mostly standard block. Output is rated at 870 horsepower, but that’s a “for now” kind of statement. Ultimately, 1000 horsepower is the goal. In terms of stats, we haven’t seen it do any 1/4 mile passes or any quoted 0-60 times, but we can imagine the numbers would be impressive with the right tires.


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Wagons are far more loved in Europe than in the United States for reasons we fail to understand completely. But we have a feeling this one has enough performance credibility to catch on over here too. JB4 Tuning’s creation sits on air suspension, and has massive wheels and tires. The hood-exit exhaust, matte black hood, and splitter make the head-on view of this car really menacing. Keen eyes will see the M-style front bumper and LED light conversion. What a ride!

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