How Does Alfa’s Giulia Quadrifoglio Stack Up Against BMW’s M3?

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If you can have only one car, which of these sport sedans will win you over?

If the M3 is the standard bearer of the Sport Sedan category, can a new Italian contender come in and take over the segment? On paper, the M3 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio are quite similar. Both feature a turbocharged six cylinder engine up front. They have four doors. Both have paddle-shifted automatics (the Alfa uses ZF’s traditional auto, and BMW a true DCT), and they’re both absolutely stellar to drive.

The guys from Everyday Driver on Velocity brought the two sport sedans together to figure out which one is best. These guys agree that the BMW is more of a “precision machine,” which is exactly what the Germans who designed it intended. The Alfa, however is said to feel a bit more unnatural in the way it builds speed and goes through corners.

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From the video, in reference to the M3:

“In so many ways, things like the brakes, the ergonomics, you can tell BMW’s been doing this at such a high level for so long. But there’s some level of ‘we’ve always been the king, we’ll always be the king, whatever we do is just gonna work.”

The Alfa is admittedly a great car. But with the problems that some early adopters and test drivers have had, it certainly don’t instill us with a sense of comfort in the car’s longevity. The F80 M3 is the benchmark for a reason. It could equally be comfortable on the track as it is on the street. In the end, the two cars were ranked as equals on the show, but the smart money is on the Bimmer. And spring for the competition pack.

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