RAV4 vs BMW X3 in Los Angeles Parking Lot Demolition Derby

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Beginning with a fist fight, an altercation in South Los Angeles went from fisticuffs to full-on demolition derby in this video captured from multiple sources.

The cause of the altercation was an argument over a parking spot, according to ABC7 News. A number of women were seen fighting when one woman jumped into a white Toyota RAV4 and went completely ballistic on a silver BMW X3.

The clearly-disturbed and possibly-psychotic driver of the Toyota revved the engine and took aim on the BMW X3, nearly taking off the passenger door at one point in the demo match. The vehicles collided several more times as they navigated the small parking lot.


Before heading onto the street, the driver of the RAV4 tried to go after one of the women who exited the BMW, seemingly attempting to run her over. Perhaps she’s played one too many Grand Theft Auto games in her past. In real life though, you don’t get points for killing civilians, you get life in jail.

The carnage did not end as the two vehicles moved onto the street. With a parting shot, the white RAV4 delivered one more blow to the BMW, and then mowed down a fire hydrant, sending a geyser of water into the air.

The moral of the story is: take your medications and reign in your lunacy. A parking space is just a parking space, and it’s really not the end of the world, unless you want to make it that. Don’t be a lunatic and try to kill someone with your car. Jeez, people. Can’t we just get along?

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Via [ABC7 News]

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