New BMW M2 Video Is a Beautiful Thing

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There are some reviewers who have decided that perhaps the M235i is a better overall car than the M2, or that the old 1M provides a more raw driving experience, but there is no denying that the M2 cuts a striking figure. This video aims to completely do away with editorial direction, and simply tell the story of the M2 with art direction alone. Take one gorgeous Southern California canyon road, add one beautiful-in-blue Bimmer, and you’ve got yourself a video that truly warrants watching. If BMW were interested in selling more units of this car, it might even be prudent for them to play this video on a loop in their dealership network’s lobbies.

The M2’s looks do a lot of the talking here, but the sporty coupe’s exhaust does a pretty great job of playing backup vocals. A bass-heavy tone that is overlaid with a bit of turbocharged whoosh makes for an exciting soundtrack during the driveby shots. It’s really magical to see this car in its natural habitat, as this is where each and every M2 belongs for the entirety of their collective existence. If you’ve already got an M2, head for the nearest mountain road immediately, you’ll have a hard time getting the smile to leave your face.

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