2016 BMW M2 Is So Very Drool-Worthy

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The New 2016 BMW M2 Is One of the Most-Addictive Performance Coupes I’ve Driven in Years.

Could the iconic BMW M3 Coupe finally be forced to officially relinquish its crown to new blood?

Chances are if you’re quick to answer no, you either haven’t driven the M2, own an M3, or simply refuse to buy into the idea that a newbie in the game is worthy of that kind of respect.

Either way, my guess is you’d probably be inclined to change your opinion if you had an opportunity to spend time with the M2. In fact, I’m pretty certain of it, after nearly a week behind the wheel of one. It more than proved that all those accolades the coupe has gotten are certainly well deserved.


Of course, my personal motto has always been that true “classic” status is earned, not given. But the M2 puts up a strong case for making me reconsider that idea. The much-buzzed-about new BMW is one of the most-addictive performance coupes I’ve driven in years.

I’ll refrain from calling out some of those competitors by name. But let’s just say I’ve racked up plenty of miles with some pretty impressive coupes, in order to make that assessment.

The thing that strikes me most about the M2 is not only how quick the 370-horsepower twin-turbo charged BMW is off the line, but also how agile it is on the road. That’s thanks to features like the M’s dynamic stability control and active differential system. My model was also equipped with the standard six-speed manual instead of the optional seven-speed double clutch transmission. That just enhances the thrill factor for those who prefer a more hands-on experience when shifting.


The more time you spend in the driver’s seat of the new M, the more you’re compelled to think it really could be better than the M3. That certainly would explain why some dealers have been able to price the M2 more than $50K over the suggested $51,700 MSRP.

Is it worth that much? Uh, probably not, considering that you can cop a new M4 Coupe for roughly $67,000. Then you can just tell your friends that you considered the M2, but it was a “too small” for your taste. But just so you know, that’s not really a viable excuse.

Despite the “2” badging, the cockpit of the new M is much more spacious than you’d expect. In fact, at 6’1, I found driving the M2 extremely comfortable. Of course, much like many coupes, the M2’s rear seating is better suited for storing things than accommodating rear passengers. But we’ve come to expect that in the segment.


The test model here came equipped with the optional Executive Package. That adds features like a heated steering wheel, rear view camera, park distance control, and active driving assistant. There’s also an optional Harman Kardon surround-sound audio system. Although, you typically find yourself wanting to listen to the coupe’s exhaust note, rather than music.

Oh, and the exterior color? Long Beach Blue Metallic, which further punctuates the idea that the M2 is well suited for taking over the crown long held by the BMW M3.

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