Throwback: Top Gear’s Globetrotting BMW X6 Review

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Top Gear Turned This Simple BMW X6 Review Into a Globetrotting Work of Art.

With The Grand Tour making a huge splash, we decided it might be fun to do a little throwback this Thursday. Have a look at one of our favorite Top Gear segments below. It’s a simple BMW X6 review, which was transformed into a work of comedic art, thanks to some exotic locations.

If you’ve never seen the video below, it’s from a time when Top Gear‘s budget was greatly reduced. So the team had a hard time creating segments. It’s the last episode of the season, and the running gag is that they needed to make TV as cheaply as possible. So Jeremy Clarkson takes the X6 on a tour around the world, to do nothing more than waste money and make simple points.

He goes to Australia to see if the glove box works when its “upside-down.” Then it’s off to Spain to test ride quality on smooth roads. And then Switzerland to see if it can drive on snow. Followed by Hong Kong, “in search of a metaphor.” He finally ends up in Barbados, to see if yearly fuel costs for an X6 would be better spent on a Caribbean holiday.

It is the sort of idiotic and irreverent fun that made the old show popular in the first place. And it’s a great look back into the history books of automotive television. After you watch, don’t forget: it’s Thursday, and that means a new episode of The Grand Tour debuts tonight!

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