E36 Baur Cabriolet for Sale on eBay!

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This is an absurd rarity that only comes up for sale once in a super moon. The E36-generation 3-Series Baur Cabriolet is one of the rarest BMWs ever built, and remains a favorite of mine, as it was possibly the best, and definitely the strangest way to create a convertible sedan. This particular car may not be a museum-piece, as it features over 100,000 hard-driven miles, an aftermarket stereo head unit, and a set of AC Schnitzer replica wheels. But it features many of the cornerstones of an excellent driver.

For one thing, this is a manually-shifted 318i, which is a bit on the slow side, but can still be driven with verve and gusto if you wring it out a bit. While BMW was already making cabriolet versions of the E36 generation, the Baur TC4 was built on the sedan platform, rather than the two-door. And as you can see in the photos, it features four full fixed door frames.

Baur had been producing open-top BMWs since the neue klasse 2002s, and similar folding-top versions of the E21 (Baur TC1) and E30 (Baur TC2). These Baur versions don’t have quite as much torsional rigidity loss with the removal of the top, as they retain the a, b, and c pillars along the length of the car.┬áIt is a unique solution to that problem, to say the least. This wasn’t, apparently, much of a consideration to the general public though, as only 311 Baur TC4 E36 Sedan Cabriolets were sold. Now is your chance to own one!

For more information and additional photographs, check out the listing on eBay.

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