Canepa’s Street-Legal M1 Procar Receives Prestigious Designer’s Choice Award

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Possibly the most gorgeous BMW in history, this M1 Procar, has been outfitted for street-legal use and perfectly melds the best of road car and race car aesthetics. This particular car caught my eye at a recent visit to Canepa’s campus, and it is certainly worthy of every praise heaped upon it. It is equal parts gorgeous and go-fast, and steals the show wherever it goes. It is no surprise then, that this car won the Designer’s Choice award at the 2016 ArtCenter Car Classic. The theme this year was “Visions of the Future,” and it is fair to say that BMW’s M1 was certainly futuristic when it debuted in the late 1970s.

While BMW never produced a street-legal Procar, Canepa took an original Procar chassis and reinterpreted it as a street-legal racing car. All of the trick suspension bits are there, and the racing-bred engine remains intact. But the interior has been outfitted with nicely-appointed leather, and it certainly looks as gorgeous as a wild supercar of the era deserved. The icing on the cake is the gorgeous flat-grey paint that has been slathered all over the exterior. It’s difficult to find automotive perfection, but this sure gets close.


Even more beautiful than the car, however, is the trophy it received for winning the Designer’s Choice. Check that out, isn’t it spectacular? You can see more of the Procar on Canepa’s website.

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