BMW Announces M Performance Goodies for Next 5-Series

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BMW has already announced the 2017 G30 5-Series, and buyers will initially have the choice between the 530i and the 540i, sharing the B-series engines with the face-lifted 3-Series.

While an M5 and an M550i with a V8 are in the works, performance sedan fans will have a little longer to wait until they’re released. To make the wait easier, BMW has shown us M Performance accessories for the 530i and the 540i.


The most noticeable of the upgrades is the new aero package, with a revised front lip, rear diffuser, and lip spoiler. It’s an understated look that suits the 5-Series well. M Performance side-sill decals will also be offered to complete the look, as well as carbon mirror caps.

Inside, buyers can opt for an alcantara steering wheel with shift paddles.


Brake upgrades will also be offered, with painted calipers — four pistons in the front — and drilled rotors, which will look great behind the 20″ aluminum wheels, offered in a two-tone machined finish, or a more subdued Orbit Grey.


The 540i will have a Power and Sound Kit that will bump the turbocharged B48 inline six up to 355 horsepower and 368 ft/lbs of torque. That’s an impressive gain — 20 horsepower and 36 ft/lbs. And a new sports muffler will be included to give the car a meaner sound.

If you’ve already ordered your 5-Series, fret not — your dealer will be able to install all of these at or after the point of sale.

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