End of an Era: BMW Race Engine Designer Paul Rosche Passes

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Last week, we learned of the unfortunate passing of Paul Rosche, designer of BMW’s M-motorsport engines. Be it the turbo 4-cylinder engines in the Brabham Formula 1 cars or the sultry V12s in BMW’s various LMP programs, Rosche was involved in it all. And not just racing engines either — every M-division motor built up to 1999. Needless to say, his impact on the company can — and should — be appreciated by every M enthusiast across the globe.

Rosche, who was 82-years-0ld, began his tenure at BMW way back in 1957. He held various roles, but is obviously most well known for his performance engine designs. In Germany, he became known as a celebrity in his own right, earning the nickname “Nocken-Paule,” or Camshaft Paul, and “the motor pope.” His race engines won races, and when tuned for the road, won over the hearts of millions.

It may be a combination of brilliant pieces of engineering, but it’s worth saying the E30 M3 put Rosche on the map for people who drive cars off the racing circuit. The intimidating intake scream is the stuff of legend. And so too is Rosche.

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