Arctic Chill: Vorsteiner’s Frozen White M5

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Frozen-White-Vorsteiner-m5 (1)
It’s the little things that make a car stand out. I mean, you can choose horrible colors and extreme body kits, but more often than not people will respect subtlety a little bit more.  The first thing I noticed on this M5 weren’t those wheels or anything obvious like that, but it was those three stripes in the grill. Honestly, I prefer that to slapping M badges everywhere and putting huge stripes all over the car.

In this case, the work has been done by the European Auto Source for a customer. The paint is done in the M branch’s exclusive frozen white. You can’t really tell in the photos, but the car has something like a satin finish instead of the typical gloss. In person, it looks great, but it’s difficult to see in pictures. More obvious changes include the wheels the stance. EAS has swapped out the stockers for 21″ Vorsteiner VS-310 three piece forged wheels. The drop comes courtesy of H&R lowering springs.

Under hood, the set piece is the GruppeM carbon fiber intake. Besides making the engine bay look fantastic, they also provide a constant source of cool air for the turbos from the front of the car. I’d wager you’re also able to hear the turbos a little bit better with this intake. You’ll definitely hear the car more in general thanks to the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust.

via [EAS]


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