BMW M635CSi Is Full of 1980s Exhiliration

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Dinan chipped 1985 M635CSi.

It’s bold, obnoxious, fast and full of aftermarket goodness. We adore this Dinan chipped 1985 M635CSi.

Currently, an unmodified, clean, and low-mile mileage M6 is a guaranteed sale for good money. This M635CSi we came across on Bring a Trailer is not one of those. It has a little over 137,000 showing on the clock but the owner believes a replacement odometer was swapped in when it was imported to North America so it would read in MPH rather than KPH. The 3.5-liter M88 engine is reported to have been stroked out to 3.9 liters at around the 100,000-mile mark, but the owner doesn’t have any documentation to support that. Those are big red flags.

On the very positive side though, because this M635CSi was imported from Europe, the bumpers, headlights, and rear deck spoiler are all Euro spec. It’s on BBS wheels, which are the correct 1980s aftermarket wheels, and it’s finished in Alpine White over custom white leather for that truly gaudy 1980s style. The kind of style where a bag of white powder tucked away under some interior trim that someone forgot about could be a concern.

Dinan chipped 1985 M635CSi.

This M635CSi shows 273 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque in a recent dyno test so it should be fairly rapid. Unfortunately, there are some more red flags such as the heavy inner tread wear on the rear tires. It also has issues from the compression test shown as and the leakage testing.

There are more issues, but it’s one of those cars that you wouldn’t on to fix up and drive unless you were one of the few people it specifically appeals to. For everyone else though, it’s fun to marvel at such a standout car that encapsulates a period in time where excess was celebrated and people weren’t afraid to wear white loafers with white linen trousers and matching sports jacket. This particular M635CSi is not something we would choose to drive, but we’ll respect the hell out of whoever is when we see it on the road.

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