Next-gen BMW X6 Spotted in Road Test

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Spy video shows the camouflaged bimmer crossover with decidedly sportier styling. 

The 2019 BMW X6 was not a loss for praise from drivers and critics alike. So, what comes next for the luxury coupe SUV crossover? Well, BMW gave us a peek. The newest-generation was spotted on a not-so-secret test drive to whet our appetite. And, we are impressed with the X6 teaser. 

The video was posted on YouTube by Motor 1 US. It captures great footage of the X6 hitting the road. We don’t have a lot of information except that which we have gleaned from the video. 

BMW X6 spy shots

What we first notice in the video is that the overall style of the X6 is definitely sportier and dynamic. This includes a refreshed fascia with a bolder grille and air intakes. 

BMW X6 spy shots

The rear end shows off upgraded tail lights and more aggressive twin exhausts. 

BMW X6 spy shots

We’re seeing a lot of inspiration from the X4 and X5 here. And we like it. 

BMW X6 spy shots

What do you think of this new and maybe improved X6? 

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