BMW’s Short Film Series Returns With “The Escape”

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BMW’s short film series has always been excellent marketing for new models. The series debuted with The Hire, starring Madonna, and continued into a multi-part series. The short films that followed focused on then-new cars like the BMW Z4. And now, the series is back! With the debut of the new G30 5-Series, there’s no question as to which car gets the starring role. Clive Owen also returns as the mysterious, but capable “driver.”

In the film, the 5-Series stars as the getaway vehicle for Lilly, a clone made by Molecular Genetics. Lily is known as “Specimen 5,” and is being hunted down by authorities so she can be delivered to a buyer. With armed trucks as backup, Lily and her driver attempt to flee authorities.

Lily, played by Dakota Fanning, turns out to have more emotion than previously thought, and connects with the driver. As a plot twist, the BMW driver turns against the armed guards and trucks that are helping him, because he sees what may happen to Lily.

Through a daring escape, the driver attempts to flee both authorities and the henchmen behind Molecular Genetics. No spoilers here, you’ll have to catch the action below. But you already know one thing: the 5-Series gets two thumbs up.

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