BMW Learns the Hard Way Not to Mess With a School Bus

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Dash cams are getting more and more popular these days. If you’re interested in protecting yourself with evidence during a traffic accident, it becomes a cheap investment. In this case, it catches a BMW driver making an ill-timed traffic maneuver. The resulting crash leaves the 3-Series almost flipped over.

Perhaps claiming “I thought there was another lane,” the impatient driver pulled a bit of a dive-bomb move. swinging around the right side of a vehicle turning left, the driver hits some construction barrels, scales up the side of a jersey bumper, and ultimately into a school bus. Luckily, the impact with the bus was just a slight tap, and no one was injured.

While the BMW driver was also uninjured, this teaches a valuable lesson on being patient behind the wheel. Waiting a minute for the light to cycle back to green isn’t the end of the world. It’s also far better to be three minutes late to your destination than to have your car crash played over and over across the great expanses of the internet. You never know who’s recording these days.

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