F10 M5 Dominates Runway Race Against Porsche’s Best

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This tuned F10 M5 takes a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to school in a runway drag race.

Porsche’s lightweight 911 GT3 RS┬átrack-day hero wasn’t really built for the drag strip, but with a 500-horsepower naturally aspirated 4-liter flat-six engine, plenty of traction-improving weight over the rear wheels, and a properly impressive launch control system, it’s still capable of low-11-second sprints up the quarter-mile. In stock form, BMW’s super-saloon has around 550 horsepower from a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8, which sees quarter-mile jaunts just a few tenths of a second behind the GT3 RS. This BMW is not exactly stock, however.


According to the owner of the F10 M5, this car has been fitted with a few aftermarket components to pump that power figure up above the 600-horsepower mark. The exhaust has been augmented with a set of Supersprint downpipes, and an Akrapovic Evolution catalyst-rearward muffler system for optimal flow. Presumably, the flow on the intake side has also been opened up a bit. To keep that extra air flow in check and dump in a bit of extra fuel, the ECU has been swapped out for one that has been fettled by ESS Tuning.

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Now, in the case of the GT3 RS, it still might have won this race if it simply had the rear wing removed for this exercise. That downforce-inducing aero aid becomes a detriment to outright speed in the form of drag. On a road course, the top-speed reduction is negated instantly by the increased speed you can carry through the corners, but on a drag strip there is little-to-no benefit. Being that this race occurred when both cars were already in motion, the GT3 RS’s weight and traction advantages were also negated. From a “dig,” the 911’s traction control would have given a distinct advantage off the line.

Who wins in your book, the modded M5 or the bone-standard GT3 RS?

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