We Have a 2017 BMW 530i to Review. Have Any Questions About It?

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BMW packed its entry-level model with goodies and sent it our way.

The 2017 model year is the dawn of an era, the beginning of a new generation – the BMW 5 Series’ seventh, to be exact. It’s a time of new engines, more power, and less weight. We’ve been given a week to experience it behind the wheel of a Mediterranean Blue Metallic 530i.

Actually, we’ve been given a little more than that. We usually get press loaners for seven days, but BMW’s logistics service dropped off our 5 Series review car to us a day early last Tuesday. We immediately hit the road and drove it from Austin to Houston, Texas for the Houston Auto Show media day. The next day, we made the return trip. The only time we stopped at a gas station was to get some caffeine and snacks. Thanks to the 530i’s 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo I4, 8-speed automatic, and its Driving Experience selector’s Eco Pro mode, we made the entire journey with a little over half a tank.

We got so busy traveling that we almost forgot to look at the 530i’s list of features and options. BMW loaded it with the Cold Weather Package, Driving Assistance Package, Driving Assistance Package, Driver Assistance Plus and Driver Assistance Plus II, the Lighting and Luxury Seating Packages, and the Premium Package. There are more than those, but you get the point. BMW ticked a lot of boxes when they made this car for media reviews. After a $995 destination charge, a car like the one we’re evaluating would cost $72,135.

We’ll be driving the 530i on the streets and highways of Austin and throwing it into curves to see how it behaves. If you have any questions about our experience or any of the 5’s characteristics, feel free to ask them in the dedicated forum thread below or put them below this post via Facebook. You can also send them our way on the 5Series.net Facebook page.

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