This BMW M3 Might Lose Control, but It’ll Gain Something: Your Attention.

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BMW M3 Close Call 5Series 1

Believe it or not, the E36 BMW M3 is quite the culinary machine. If you get its engine hot enough, you can probably fry an egg on it. You can rev it up and burn some of the rubber off of its rear tires. The driver in the following video uses their M3 to overcook a corner on the Nürburgring.

They’re coming into the turn too hot to begin with and drift right into the grass on the inside of the corner, sending up a huge cloud of dust in the process. Shaved grass clippings spray onto the pavement. The M3’s sickening spins – and a determined foot on the brakes – cut its speed before it sends the car into a guardrail.

The driver and his passenger don’t let their near-death experience stop them. Almost as soon as they come to a stop, they’re off again. For all of its potential culinary applications, it’s good to see this M3 – and its passengers – doesn’t get cracked like an egg.

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