BMW 7-Series Coupe Reportedly Coming Before 2020

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Despite a fresh redesign, the new BMW 7-Series didn’t break down any sales doors when it launched. It’s been a slow grind thus far, and the execs have taken notice. Through July in the U.S., BMW has sold 6,808 units compared to 10,276 Mercedes-Benz S-Classes (including coupes) and 2,268 Audi A8s. And even though BMW is still crushing Audi, that means nothing if the brand is getting schooled by its nemesis M-B. If you ain’t first, you’re last. So, like M-B stole the X6 idea from BMW, BMW is going to steal the S-Class Coupe idea from M-B, according to an unnamed source.

A new report from Bloomberg says somebody “familiar with BMW’s plan” revealed that BMW is planning to have a two-door version of the 7-Series by 2019 in an effort to boost sales and interest.


“The 7-Series hasn’t managed the same ‘aha’ effect as the new S-Class, which is what Audi will be going for too,” said Juergen Pieper, an analyst at Bankhaus Metzler in Frankfurt. “It’s lacking that special something.”

This is all happening while BMW prepares for the new A8 to launch and likely eat up some sales. Rumors say it will be the most advanced car in the segment. BMW already has high-performance, ultra-high class, and a plug-in hybrid variations of the 7-Series in the works, but a coupe could spark an entirely new interest in the model and the brand.

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via [Bloomberg]

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