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‘Rusty Slammington’ BMW 5 Series Can Never Die

Rusty Slammington BMW 5 Series

Proof that no car is beyond repair, ‘Rusty Slammington’ is one of the coolest 5 Series BMWs on the planet.

  Comments | By - October 5, 2017

E28: BMW’s First Computer-Designed 5-Series

Computer technology was scarce in the ’70s, and computer tech had to be shared along corporate lines to design the E28.

  Comments | By - January 10, 2017

#TBT: First Four Generations of M5 Tested Back To Back

The E28 is seen as the Genesis to the M5 lineage; we often praise the E39 for it’s ultra refined and near-perfect driving dynamics; and of course the E60 is epic in its own right. So does that mean the E34 is the underdog here?

  Comments | By - May 12, 2016

Get Lost in the BMW M5 E28’s Dreamboat Details

You’re going to be losing your wallet trying to get a highly coveted E28 M5 these days, so maybe just settle for this beautiful highlight reel instead.

  Comments | By - February 26, 2016

BMW E28 5 Series Ownership is a Family Affair

The following Petrolicious film shows us all that a young man can bond with his father and his mother through a love of cars. In this case, those cars – all of them – are E28 BMW 5 Series.

  Comments | By - February 19, 2015

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