Oh My God: BMW Z4 With a Viper V10

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The BMW Z4 was never an exciting car. Really, it wasn’t. The car was neglected, never given the love it deserved. The Mercedes-Benz equivalent SLK and SL, respectively, were much better machines. The Z4 was such a bad representation of Bavaria… you notice I am using the word “was” instead of “is.” That’s because BMW actually killed off the Z4 entirely last month, without hardly making a peep in the process.

But we are not here to discuss the typical Z4. Instead, we are here to give praise to the insanity that is the V10 engine swap Z4. That’s right, some genius decided that a Viper V10 needed to be stuffed under the hood of the little convertible, and the result is exactly what you’d expect it to be: ludicrous. The interior is also completely modified, including a roll cage and sequential shifter.

Several blogs noticed the car was being built over the last four years, and it is now finished and for sale in Germany. The cost is not cheap, but when you consider the amount of fabrication and adjustments that went into modifying for such a hefty engine, the roughly $55,000 USD they are asking seems like a steal. Over 500hp and loads of torque make it a pretty damn good example of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

You should buy it, and then tell the rest of us just how great it really is.

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