The New BMW Z4 is On its Way

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2019 BMW Z4 Concept

A new Z4 is coming, but don’t hold your breath for a full-bore M version.

There are many of the BMW faithful who decry the company’s decision to attach the tri-colored M badge to anything and everything. Lately, it seems as though BMW is content to turn their M division loose on anything with a pair of kidney grilles between the headlights.

2019 BMW Z4 Concept

Aside from the hardcore M cars, there’s an M Sport trim level available on most models, and above that, M-line cars. These models – take the X4 M40i, for example, offer performance above the standard car, but still not quite at the level of a true M car.

This could potentially be bad news for fans of BMW roadsters. The Z4, long overdue for an update, will enter its third generation for the 2019 model year.

Even die-hard fans of the current E89-chassis Z4 have to admit that it’s about time. This new car, developed in conjunction with Toyota, looks to be a real winner. However, there’s no Z4 M planned this time around.

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That’s a shame for Bimmerphiles who fondly remember the Z4 M Coupe and M Roadster from the first generation Z4. That car, equipped with the E46 M3’s S54 engine, maintains a loyal cult following to this day.

However, the consolation prize will be the Z4 M40i, utilizing variants of the excellent new B58 engine. When equipped with the Competition Package, it will be good for 380 horsepower – more than enough to help us forget all about the classic E85 Z4 M.

2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe
Any way you slice it, we’re glad that BMW is giving the Z4 some much-needed love. Sharing a platform –  and development costs – with Toyota is certainly helpful for both companies.

While Toyota’s overall lineup is a bit boring as of late, they’ve produced some legendary sports cars throughout their history. Currently, the GT-86 and Lexus LC500 prove they’ve still “got it.” We’re excited to see what the future holds for the next Z4, and its sister, the Supra.

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