BMW M760Li Races Other AWD Luxury Monsters

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The flagship 600-HP 7 Series squares off with the best offerings from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Tesla.

We’re not sure how much horsepower anybody needs in a four door luxury car, but we’re always glad for gluttonous amounts. These are the days of horsepower and we find it in abundance. And British YouTubers CarWow assembled a field of several-thousand horsepower and four doors on a runway for an epic drag race.

If you’re familiar with CarWow, this is kind of their shtick, and we aren’t complaining. In this video, they pit a BMW M760iL, a Mercedes AMG C63 S Estate, an Audi RS6, and a Tesla Model S P100D against each other. That makes for a lot of horsepower with perhaps even more comfort.

Is it scientific? No, not really. But who cares? These cars look great ripping down the wide pavement against each other. The Tesla nips out everybody from a standing start and obliterates everyone in a roll race. However, the BMW keeps up nicely with the other German luxury monsters.

In reality, any of the four has enough passing power. They’ll all get you into the Autobahn’s fast lane just the same, at least. However, we’re happy to see BMW’s 600-horsepower, V12 flagship keeping up with everything but the Tesla.

If you’ve been living under a Roundel-shaped stone, the M760Li finally slaps an M badge on the 7-Series. It borrows its twin-turbo V12 from the Rolls Royce brand, giving 601 horsepower to the $154,000 executive transport. That’s a significant discount from a Rolls, albeit without so many creature comforts. However, we expect the M760Li might fill the niche for the executive who wants to drive themselves with opportunity for haste.

Read‘s review of the M760i right here. And see BMW’s November 2016 introduction to the car below.

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