Man Stuffs M5 V10 into E46 M3

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When the E60 M5 came out, people loved it. But they complained about the peaky power band of the car’s V10. “It’s not suitable for a sedan!” they said. “It’s too revvy!” they whined. Well, the criticism that the V10 didn’t fit the character of the M5 must’ve reached BMW, because they dropped it from the latest model, but it’s found a home in under the hood of another famous BMW’s engine bay: The E46 M3.

If that’s not a perfect fit, then I don’t know what is. As much as I love the M3’s straight six, there’s something so perfect about the high strung V10 that suites the character of the car well. Of course, there’s also all that extra power and a lot less weight to contend with. I’d say that’s theĀ recipeĀ for a fun car.

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