iND’s Quest for a 1000hp F10 M5

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iND’s project M5 is hard car to forget. Mainly that’s because of those bright teal and blue raving stripes, but also because the work they’re doing on it is interesting. See, iND isn’t just in the business of slapping sweet vinyls onto sports cars. They’re also in the business of making them go faster. At the very least, they’re in the business of selling parts that make BMWs go faster. Their goal with this F10 M5 is to make it to 1000hp, while learning what will and what won’t break on the way there.

Right now they’re still testing, but I get the feeling that they’ll have no problem reaching their 1000hp goal. They’re getting a lot of help from their neighbors at AMS tuning. If you haven’t heard of them before, you might recognize some of their greatest hits, like the 1100hp Alpha Omega GT-R or my personal favorite, the world’s fastest Lancer Evolution. These guys know their stuff. They’ll also be the ones producing some of the big power parts for the F10 along the road.

I’ll be sure to keep pace with their progress in the future. Good luck to iND on building the worlds fastest F10. Something tells me they’re on the right track.

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