E38 BMW 7 Series Shows How Low You Can Go

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This Bond-style BMW is as low as it is long.

The E38 BMW 740iL you see here puts the “low” in double-oh-seven. For more than one reason.

The most obvious is its ride height. To the surprise of The Smoking Tire‘s Matt Farah, it’s not lowered on a trick air suspension. The owner of the big red Bimmer, Brandon, dropped it down on some special coilovers (and what appears to be a set of E65 7 Series wheels) to give it its eyebrow-raising stance. It’s an odd experience to watch it go over even a foot of California pavement without hearing something break or seeing sparks flying out from underneath.

Brandon’s slammed 7 also puts the “low” in double-oh-seven because of the amount of money he spent to buy it: $1,250. Granted, it already had 200,000 miles on it by then, but it still had life left in it. Two weeks after buying the car, Brandon drove it from San Diego to Tuscon without a problem.

Since then, he’s altered the exhaust to enhance the sound of the naturally aspirated 4.4-liter V8 up front and replaced the interior…with parts from a junk yard. The seats are from a different 740 (we have a feeling the originals were blown out after being used for nearly a quarter of a million miles). That double-stitched leather dash was plucked out of a 750. Even the 3 Series makes an appearance in the form of a transplanted ZHP steering wheel.

It’s definitely an unusual take on the 00-7 Series. It’s not for everyone, but it’s good to see one of these majestic mogul movers still on the road…even if it’s only an inch above it.

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