Gorgeous E24 M6 for Sale on Craigslist

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This gorgeous ’80s throwback is recently refreshed and ready for anything!

The BMW E24 could be the ultimate symbol of ’80s hedonism and excess. From its shark-nosed visage to its Hofmeister kink, it is both subdued and elegant, and arresting to behold.

It’s svelte and imposing. It’s too big to be a coupe, but too small to be a sedan. It’s pure self-indulgence, the vehicular representation of having your cake and eating it too.

This excellent BMW M6¬†on Los Angeles Craigslist is a solid example of the breed. It’s located in North Hollywood, and you can bet it has some stories to tell. If only cars could talk.

Sold as part of a private collection, this car features a few notable deviations from stock. First and foremost, it sports three-piece Jongbloed wheels. They’re immediately noticeable against the smooth backdrop of deep, glossy, black paint. Could that paint get any more black? The answer is no.

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The interior, however, is resplendent in grey, and looks simply stunning. The roll bar was apparently professionally installed, and gives the cockpit a purposeful look. The car’s suspension has been modified as well, making this car equally at home on the boulevard, at a car show, or on a racetrack.

According to the ad, tens of thousands of dollars were spent recently modifying and servicing this classic BMW. It’s ready to enjoy as a driver, collector’s piece, or weekend warrior. Best of all, the original BBS wheels are included with the sale, in case the new owner wishes to make the car appear more stock.

Apparently this M6 was part of a private collection that is being liquidated. The asking price is $39,950, staggering even when the rapidly rising values of early M-cars are taken into account. Still, if you’re looking for an M6 that needs nothing, this might be just the car for you.

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