BMW Drag Race: M6 vs. M5 vs. M4 vs. M2

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The real question now is how the all-new BMW M5 would stack up against this quartet. Rematch, anyone?

If you own a BMW M car, chances are you didn’t buy it to go drag racing. That’s a huge waste of all the things an M car offers. However, it’s both fun and interesting to see how different M cars stack up against one another in an all-BMW drag race. Even more fun and interesting is following that up with a rolling-start race. The good news is that Carwow has us covered.

BMW M Drag race

Predictably, the little M2 may be an absolute hoot and the closest thing to an E46 M3 you can buy with zero miles, but it’s not equipped for a straight-line run with the bigger boys. There’s no arguing how quick it is off the line; however, in the case of this bout, it simply ran out of legs.

The BMW M5 and M6 have the same 600-horsepower twin turbo V-8, but the M6 weighs more. Statistically, then, a betting man would have this as a two-horse race between the M4 and the M5. The M4 weighs notably less, but torque and power comes from a twin-turbo straight-six with just 450 horses. The overall powerplant deficit is 150 horses and 111 lb-ft of torque. The weight difference is 750 pounds in favor of the M4.

Will lightness beat power? You’ll have to watch and find out.

How the recently announced all-wheel-drive BMW M5 would do, we don’t know. But it does sound like a good excuse to run a redo of this race later.

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