BMW Z1: Doug DeMuro Explores the German Unicorn

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The BMW Z1 was never sold in the US. That, along with its many quirks makes it one of the rarest BMWs out there.

Doug DeMuro often has the opportunity to test drive and analyze some of the coolest and most unique cars in the world. That being said, these rides are often unique because they’re so expensive that they’re unobtainable by the average consumer. But that’s not the case with this weird BMW Z1. Sure, it’s not quite a Honda Civic, but you don’t need Lambo money for one, either.

The BMW Z1's removable body panels

As he explains in his most recent video; the Z1 was built from 1988 to 1991 and never sold in the US. Even if it had been, it would’ve rocked a higher price tag than a 7-Series at the time, making it more comparable to a Porsche 911. In modern money, the Z1’s price tag would be around $100,000.

Right away, the weirdest/most original characteristic of the Z1 (aside from its removable plastic body panels) is its door mechanism. As DeMuro shows, the door actually sinks into its sill at the push of a button. He even compares it to a Jeep Wrangler! While silly, it would be awesome to drive one with the doors down.

Based on the 3-Series chassis, the Z1 it featured the same four-cylinder found in that car. The interior trim was also similar to the entry-level 3 Series. Needless to say, its accommodations didn’t quite match its price tag. In the end, it seems like all that hefty asking price bought you was unique styling and some quirky engineering. But then again, those doors!

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