SEMA 2017: New M5 Performance Parts Unveiled

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BMW shows off go-fast parts for the new F10 M5: Brake better, corner quicker, grab more downforce, and then review the data.

At SEMA 2017, BMW launched its list of performance parts for the F10 BMW M5. As you may have expected, the available parts list runs long with a variety of performance potential.

2017 BMW M5 F10 Performance Parts

The release follows last month’s announcement of the new M5’s Competition Package, with goodies like carbon-ceramic brakes and suspension upgrades. The a la carte parts listing from SEMA bears that out.

Nearly every element includes carbon-fiber elements or accents. BMW will make the M Performance aerodynamic pieces — front splitter, side sills, diffuser, and two wing options — from carbon.

You can also order carbon fiber grille and mirror accents to match the aero parts. Want even more carbon? You can get a lightweight engine cover, shifter paddles, and gear-shift lever cover to complete the look.

As for the planned mechanical upgrades, BMW indeed announced carbon-ceramic brakes with sport pads. These will improve braking on track days and on the Autobahn with equal effectiveness. The already-dynamic suspension also features an available adjustable coilover suspension setup with red coil springs.

2017 BMW M5 F10 Performance Parts

To extract maximum performance from the super-saloon, BMW will offer the M Sport Drive Analyzer for the first time. Essentially a factory telemetry system, the Drive Analyzer tracks your inputs to give a clear driving picture on a racetrack. Drivers can access the data for free via M Sport’s app. They can also combine that with video by mounting an action-camera holder on the front or rear tow lug.

Some of you may want the M5’s twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 to rumble its 600-horsepower song even louder. BMW will offer a louder M Performance sport exhaust with titanium mufflers and available carbon-fiber tailpipe trim. Some options, like the PRO-style rear wing, will only become available in July 2018.

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