BMW X5 Gets Its Own M Performance Parts Catalog

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2019 BMW X5

From carbon fiber to all-terrain wheels, the upcoming X5 SAV will get some M Power in its diet, March 2019.

The fourth generation of the BMW X5 combines impressive off-road performance with outstanding driving dynamics quality on the road. With an extensive range of M Performance Parts for the new premium SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), BMW now in particular addresses those customers who wish to selectively refine the vehicle’s sporty character and give this aspect further emphasise the character. These parts, available through the Original BMW Accessories program, will be available during the worldwide launch of the BMW X5 in March 2019.

Development of the full range of M Performance parts has always drawn on the extensive motor expertise of BMW M GmbH. All components are perfectly matched; both with each other and with the specific properties of each model. In this way, they not only give the vehicle a more striking, dynamic appearance but also have functionality. For instance, some features have a positive impact on the vehicle’s aerodynamic properties, or contribute to the lightweight nature of the vehicle..

2019 BMW X5

Carbon Fiber Components 

The M Performance exterior components in carbon fiber are especially effective in creating a particularly striking look in the BMW X5 that is clearly race-inspired. They are all characterised by the typical honeycomb structure of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. Finished by hand and sealed with a clear finish, the components are given a final high-gloss polish for an impressive depth effect.

For example, the air intake trim for the standard bumper and the front winglets visually enhance the front section. They also highlight the breadth of the X5 as well. The same applies to the rear winglets and the rear diffuser. The range of M exterior components in carbon fiber is rounded off with exterior mirror caps.

2019 BMW X5

Finally, M Performance side sill foils in black matte further enhance the vehicle’s sporty external look. They run from the front to the rear wheel arch along the entire lower sill and are branded with the M Performance inscription.

2019 BMW X5

M Performance All-terrain Wheels

For customers who prefer to highlight and make use of the off-road capabilities of their BMW X5, the 20-inch M light alloy wheel Star Spoke 748 M with all-terrain tyres is now available for the fourth generation of the BMW X5. The color BMW M logo is especially eye-catching due to the rim being finished in a sporty matte black shade. The specific rim design, combined with the striking tread design of the all-terrain tire, reflects both robustness and stability. This new wheel/tire combination also offers good ride comfort and is approved for winter use.

Optional 22-inch tyres are also available for customers, that include a set of wheels from the M Performance Parts range. The 22-inch M Performance light alloy wheel Start Spoke 749 M with rolled rim well (flow forming) is about one kilogram lighter than a comparable wheel of the same size due to the special manufacturing technique used. All in all, the unsprung masses are reduced by approx. four kilograms as a result, which impacts positively on driving dynamics and turn-in response.

Weight-optimized design also characterizes the M Performance sports brake: the four-piston fixed calipers on the front axle are made of aluminium, for example. Meanwhile the vented and perforated M Performance brake discs, which are larger than the serial brakes (19 inches),  ensure improved thermal resilience and therefore an increased braking effect even in extreme conditions. The brake calipers finished in red visually highlight the M Performance sports brake. An especially striking feature in conjunction with wheels that have an open rim design such as the M Performance light alloy wheel Star Spoke 749 M.

2019 BMW X5

Functionality Inside-out

A wide selection of M Performance components derived from and inspired by motor racing is also available for the interior of the new BMW X5, once again providing both visual and functional enhancement. The M Performance steering wheel ensures the driver has secure control over the dynamic SAV at all times, for example. This is due to the extremely high-grip Alcantara handling area with large thumb rests and special underlining for excellent stability and a direct steering feel.

In addition to standard details such as the red centre marking at the 12 o’clock position and the silver-grey, hand-sewn cross-stitch, the M Performance steering wheel is also available with M Performance steering wheel trim in carbon fibre with M Performance inscription and Alcantara insert. To match this, the shift paddles can also be selected in an M Performance finish featuring carbon fabric instead of the standard chrome surface.

It is also possible to give the driver’s workplace a motor racing look and feel in areas that are outside the direct field of vision in the new BMW X5. Contributing factors here are the M Performance floor mats with M Performance inscription, a pennant in the typical M colours and a surround in leather look including decorative seam in contrasting colours, as well as pedal pads and footrest in stainless steel. The asymmetrical profiles of the latter underscore the striking motor racing look.

2019 BMW X5

Drive Analyzer 

The M Performance Drive Analyser is available to those wanting to achieve motor racing optimisation not just in the BMW X5 itself but also in terms of their own driving style. It consists of an OBD stick, which is plugged into the on-board diagnosis socket, and a smartphone app. The Drive Analyser is derived directly from motor racing: it provides the driver with all the main driving dynamics data, offering extensive and professional logging and analysis options. It also enables trip recording on a smartphone video camera, driving data logging and route tracking based on GPS position data.

A love of motor racing in general and M Performance products in particular can also be expressed by means of features that are not directly connected with the driving experience in the new BMW X5 itself. The M Performance slide set for the BMW LED door projectors enables the BMW M logo or other motifs relating to M Performance to be projected onto the asphalt when getting in and out of the car, for example.

2019 BMW X5
The M Performance key wallet made of high-quality Alcantara with carbon fiber insert can by firmly attached to the vehicle key by means of a hexagon socket screw in M light blue, thereby protecting it from scratches and damage. The same combination of looks and function is provided by the M Performance tire bags made of high-quality and highly resilient plastic: these protect the wheels from soiling during transport and storage.

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