Vision iNext Blends Autonomy & Luxury at 2018 L.A. Auto Show

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BMW Vision iNext

BMW’s newest luxury SUV meant to help propel the Bavarians weather any future technological upheavals down the road. is ready to bring you the latest and greatest from BMW during the 2018 edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show, from the ultimate driving machines you can buy right now, to the ultimate technological wonders you’ll see in the years to come.

The Vision iNext falls under the latter category, one where the ultimate driving machine drives you (if you want it to).

BMW’s luxury SUV concept is wearing the same shade of copper as the Vision Next 100, though the iNext is more focused on giving back your time than shape-shifting around the corners. According to Roadshow, BMW development board member Klaus Fröhlich said this concept “pilots all of the technology that will make the company future-proof for the next decade.”

Inside the impossibly spacious interior, the Vision iNext comes with dual screens, interactive cloth seating containing what BMW Group senior VP of design Adrian van Hooydonk says is “shy-tech,” and two driving modes: one for the driver, one for the car.

Behind the massive trademark kidney grill lies not a radiator, but a sensor pack to help guide the Vision iNext through the twists and turns of your favorite roads, as well as the touch-and-go of your daily commute. The powertrain is all-electric, though not much else is known. What is known, though, is that BMW has a vision of the future, one we can’t wait to see come to fruition.

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