BMW Shows Innovation is Key(Less) with Latest Digital Solution

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ConnectedDrive Digital Key allows drivers to use their smartphones as a car key. 

BMW is leading the pack with new technology to alter and improve driving experience. Their ConnectedDrive Digital Key is the next step for smart tech in your vehicle by eliminating the need for keys altogether. The Digital Key turns your smartphone into your keys, capable of locking and unlocking the car, as well as starting up the car. Sounds cool, but how does this work, exactly?

In the video, BMW explains how to set up ConnectedDrive Digital Key. To use the keyless system, drivers need to download the BMW Connected App to their phone, and have Option Comfort Access in your vehicle. Next drivers must set-up an account with BMW’s ConnectedDrive website and their service agent. As demonstrated in the video, the process is fairly easy, even for those drivers that aren’t tech-savvy.

BMW ConnectDrive Digital Key

To ensure security is invulnerable the Digital Key uses sophisticated security technology. BMW has beefed up their system and access requires a pin number.

Once programmed, also even share access with five of your family and friends. Each person gets their own access code. A little more sophisticated than tossing your keys to your spouse.

BMW ConnectDrive Digital Key

Drivers who use this service also receive a key card that perform all the same functions as the smartphone. Handy when you’re having the car services, using valet, or just in case you don’t have access to your phone.

BMW had made a very comprehensive video that will answer any questions. The Digital Key is the next logical step in keyless entry, and makes the process even more convenient.

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