BMW M4 and M5: Drive It Like You Stole It

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bmw m4 m5 donut

Please enjoy this red-lining, rubber-burning, gravel-spewing, donut-making M4 and M5 mayhem.

If you are lucky enough to borrow a brand-new BMW M4 or M5, chances are you are going to keep your time behind the wheel somewhat tame, so as to respect such a generous offer. That is exactly how the crew from Speed Suspects started out in the video below, driving these luxurious and powerful cars as if they were trying to pass their first driving test. The good manners lasted all of 90 seconds before temptation took over, though. What followed was the type of red-lining, rubber-burning, gravel-spewing, donut-making mayhem you would expect to see from a teenager in a muscle car, not someone borrowing a luxury vehicle they don’t normally get to drive.

Filmed with obviously high-end equipment, including some great aerial drone shots, this video showcases some of L.A.’s more scenic areas, including a picturesque drive down the PCH during an epic sunset. Make no mistake though, this video is all about stomping on the gas and reveling in the contrasting sounds of the roaring engine and squealing tires. You have to hand it to these drivers for their commitment to the donut while in such close proximity to parked cars and roadside boulders. One momentary loss of control, and these brand-new BMWs could easily get wrecked. Great cinematography, a look at two beautiful BMWs, and an element of fun and danger make this video well worth a watch.

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Via [Speed Suspects]

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