Which 6-Series Gran Coupe Do You Really Want, M or B?

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BMW’s M Division Has Something to Answer for in the Current-Generation M6.

Yes, the new BMW M6 is a great car, but would it be greater if they allowed all-wheel drive and didn’t have to saddle it with an M DoppelKupplungsGetriebe? Is Alpina’s B6 Gran Coupe really the better choice if you want a large, beautiful, fast luxury sedan? That’s what MotorTrend set out to discover in the episode of “Head-2-Head” below. Editors Jonny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa are really at their best in this episode, as they debate the intricacies of BMW’s best Gran Coupes. What’s more, they actually come to the same conclusion at the end, which is equal parts interesting and entertaining.

This is probably a conundrum that a few well-heeled drivers actually have to consider this year. Do you really want the hardcore carbon-fiber bedecked monster of an M6? Or do you want the quiet, subdued, wafty luxury of the B6 Alpina? Anyone who is in that situation (and many who are not) really needs to watch this video, as it may help make the decision easier. Is the M-car just a shouty display of wretched excess, or is it a genuinely good, driver-focused car? Is the Alpina a luxury tourer in the style of the car’s chassis-mate, Rolls Royce, or does it have some bite to go along with its cushy demeanor?

I know for sure which of these two I would pick, but then again, I’m getting older every day, and sitting in an office chair for 12 hours a day is wreaking havoc on my back. In either case, I don’t have the six-figure buy-in sitting in my bank account, so the point is moot. But what do you think? Did MotorTrend make the right choice, or are you more interested in their test loser? Did the video affirm your choice, or change your mind?

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