Latest M2 Competition Series is an Angry Little Beast

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M2 Competition

The 2019 BMW M2 Competition first drive reports are coming in and it’s all about the track capabilities.

The M2 Competition is here to replace the beloved BMW M2 Coupe. The M division’s tickled version of the M235i’s N55 engine is now replaced with a detuned power plant from the current M3 and M4 to take the M2 over the 400 horsepower mark in a lighter car. This S55 engine is twin-turbo opposed to the older engines single, so they can spin up quickly to reduce lag and as there are two they can push in a lot of air between them.

The first of the first drive reports we came across is from Car Buzz and so far so positive. One of the worries was getting the power while meeting European emissions standards. To get there, the BMW M2 Competition uses a ceramic-based particulate filter behind the already existing catalytic converter. The loss was power loss was minimal, but like true heroes, BMW has knocked the boost up a notch to make up for it. That’s a definite advantage to BMW always leaving something on the table.

BMW M2 Competition

It’s not just the 410hp and 369 lb-ft of torque that’s contributed to the “Competition” name. The chassis was already widened to fit M3 and M4 suspension and extra rubber, and that leaves room to port over the carbon-fiber engine bay brace as well as the multiple-radiator cooling system. That cooling system is serviced by the new and even more aggressive inlets on the lower bumper.

The first drives were all taken at 3.4-mile Circuito Ascari in Spain. It’s a challenging track that shows BMW’s confidence in this evolution of the M2. Car Buzz is describing the M2 Competition as a German Hot Rod while Motor1 left the test drive at the track claiming the little coupe packs a king-sized punch. So far, it looks like the M2 competition has honed the edge of being BMW’s most enthusiast aimed car in the range and that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

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