Autonomous BMW 5 Series Drives Passengers Around Las Vegas

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Lyft and Aptiv join forces to offer autonomous rides during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

When we tested the 2017 BMW 530i last year, we marveled at how we could stand outside of it and use its smart key to make it back out of parking spots all by itself. As impressive as that was, it’s nothing compared to what Aptiv, a mobility company, and the Lyft ridesharing service have been able to do with a 5 Series. Aptiv Lyft CES BMW 5 Series

According to Roadshow’s Andrew Krok in the above video, the two companies have teamed up to “offer rides across Las Vegas in a Level Four self-driving BMW” during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It’s the perfect time to showcase not only a new technology, but future automotive advancements as the event has grown increasingly vehicle-oriented.

Technically, this publicity-generating form of mobility is not new to CES, but its scope this year is unprecedented. Krok adds, “Whereas last year they were contained to a singular drive loop, a very controlled environment, this one is a little more open. They’re going to 20 different destinations across Las Vegas so anything’s possible.” So true. We thought we had to wait for the future. Apparently, that’s not the case. The future is now.


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A close look at the autonomous 5 reveals various Lidar and radar sensors. However, given how much equipment this Bimmer is packing, it’s surprisingly low-key. There’s no giant dish or antenna sprouting out of its roof.

Of course, Lyft and Aptiv are still erring on the side of caution, so their BMW still has a human driver. However, that person doesn’t really have to do much because the autonomous tech seems to do a great job of getting through Sin City without breaking any laws…or legs. The best part? Krok says, “I didn’t even have to tip the robot.”

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